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Organic Bar Soap

Shopping For Organic Body Soap? Find Out the Benefits of Love Blossoms Essentials!

Developing positive hygiene habits can be great for our bodies and overall health. When it comes time to build your skincare routine, we hope you consider some of the organic body soap and bar soap products available at Love Blossoms Essentials. Established by Dr. Deon Davis-Mutee, Love Blossoms Essentials is dedicated to organic, vegan, and handmade skincare products. With a full line of care products available, you are only a click away from the best soap you've ever used. Let's break down what makes the organic bar soap and organic body soap in our shop so special.

First and foremost, when it comes time to buy organic bar soap, you'll have plenty of options to choose from at Love Blossoms Essentials. Our handcrafted organic body soap is brimming with positive ingredients and a variety of flavor profiles. Whether you would prefer Oatmeal & Honey or Lavender & Lemon, as well as any flavor in between, you will find it here. Not only is our variety exceptional at Love Blossoms Essentials, but our ingredients are even better!

The Petal Dance Soap Bar was made by hand from scratch with only the finest natural ingredients available to us. The Petal dance Soap Bar features Shea Butter, Black Seed Oil, Vitamin E, and Rose Petals -- that's it! We don't drown our products in chemical ingredients and we certainly don't use them on our body. When it comes to taking care of your health and wellness, it is hard to beat organic products such as our organic bar soap.

Love Blossoms Essentials is stocked with everything you need for all of your skincare and beauty requirements. From coffee and sugar scrubs to handmade soaps and facial oils, Dr. Deon Davis-Mutee has developed products to suit your individual needs. Start shopping today and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $75!

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