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Vulnerability makes for better communication.

We often feel that if we are vulnerable we will expose our weakness and put ourselves in the position to be exposed, harmed, or even attacked emotionally or physically. Being vulnerable may look like a risk of getting hurt, but being vulnerable also welcomes the chance for open communication, connection, and growth. Opening up to anyone isn't always the easiest thing to do put often the most effective. In order to break down barriers vulnerability is a must. Some examples of Vulnerability are as follows:

* Taking chances that might lead to rejection

* Talking about mistakes you have made

* Sharing personal information that you would normally keep private

*Feeling difficult emotions such as shame, grief, or fear

*Reconnecting with someone you have fallen out with

Here is why and how you should work on being vulnerable

Because vulnerability is not a weakness but rather a superpower according to author Brene' Brown. She explains vulnerability as "uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure but being vulnerable has so many benefits. As scary and uncomfortable it is vulnerability makes you stronger. When you overcome the notion of vulnerability makes you lose your power and makes you weak you will find that you are no longer afraid of what others think. Some positive benefits of vulnerability.

* Tellings others when they upset or violated you

* Having the power to feel shame or pride

* Setting boundaries with love and compassion versus from a place of blame or shame

Being vulnerable requires you to do or say something that pushes you outside of your comfort zone, go ahead challenge yourself and enjoy the freedom and peace of vulnerability.

Dr. Deon Davis Mutee'

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